Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to watch cosmic tales like Star Trek, Star Gate or Star Wars that depict in multiple sagas good and evil in battle for ultimate control or supremacy? A belief in the reality of good and evil spirits or forces has been one of the most pervasive commonalties of human culture throughout history.

Even children’s stories reflect this theme in so many adventures and epics. Is it possible that there is within each of us a lurking reality that needs to be explored or satisfied by engaging our minds in some sort of mystical explanation or revelation for this veiled intrigue? Is it possible that there is more to it than just entertainment?

The JUNTA TRILOGY is an attempt to reveal a deep seated view of possibilities based on ancient scripts being compared with the trilogy's’ adventures. Though the stories are written as fiction the reader may find they addresses this inward fascination between “Warring Might's”. It may also reveal possibilities that make you question more this haunting urge. But it is my hope a picture may develop that will uncover or reveal some of the intrigue surrounding this mystery.

Though each book is an epic by itself; the three offer a comprehensive story of profound possibilities offered for the readers pondering.

Live in faith
Walk in love

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